Founding Principals

Verified Technologies is a Tampa-based IT Management Organization serving clients throughout the Tampa Bay area. Many of our customers rely on Verified to maintain PCI or HIPAA Data Security Standards.

Our company was founded on the principal that in order to provide a stable and secure network, you need to have deep visibility into every aspect of the network.  If you can't see what's happening at the network and perimeter level, in real-time, then you can't know where your risks are.

In order to support that principal, Verified Technologies choice of technology partners is determined not by how much margin we can make on the sale, but how much visibility their technology gives into our customers networks. 

Technology and security risks are changing daily. Look to our team of experts to steer you in the right direction, using innovation and experience to light the path ahead. 

Our customers are our highest priority. Our goal is to build relationships that foster understanding of technology and trust in us, your IT consultants, to get the job done in an ever changing business landscape.

Verified stays on the cutting edge of technology, but when it comes to customer service, we are decidedly old school.  We believe our most important job is customer satisfaction.   It’s what we are known for and what sets us apart.

Address: 4200 West Cypress Street, STE 375, Tampa, FL 33607        Phone: (813) 402-0881        Fax: (813) 402-0871