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24-hour Peace Of Mind for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Introducing Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure AVD is the perfect way for businesses to easily scale their software/IT needs, add security for remote workers AND reduce long term spending on both infrastructure and on-site personnel.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure AVD here – then schedule a call to discuss your options.

Managed Services is a suite of software and hardware solutions designed to keep your business safe and your company up and running no matter what.

That includes things like protection from data pirates and ransomware, business-saving data backup services, and constant maintenance and care for your networked software.

Imagine if someone made sure you had gas in your car every day. That the oil was changed. That it was clean and ready to drive at all times. That the GPS software was always updated and that you never saw the Low Tire Pressure Warning, Change Oil Light or any other Maintenance reminders.

And that you had 24/7 security around your vehicle at all times, ensuring there were no dings, scratches or, or course, anyone peaking in your windows to see if there was something worth stealing inside.

That’s what Verified Technologies does for your business.

Prevents problems, updates software and security, and educates employees on how to watch for threats as well. And if something does happen… to return that car to its original condition in minutes.

Proactive IT Support, 24x7 Network Monitoring, Technology Strategy, Disaster-Recovery, and Business Continuity Solutions.

It’s really peace of mind for small and medium-sized businesses.

Managed IT Services Key Components

A lot goes in to Zero Downtime and true Business Continuity, but these are the KEY components and the strategies that our client CEOs ask for most:

Ransomware Prevention and Disaster Recovery

The nightmare that begins with a random employee clicking on the wrong link and ends with a company paying 10s of thousands of dollars CAN be prevented. Learn more…

Remote Worker IT Security Implementation

If your company is like the rest of the world, there are a lot of employees working from home for the first time. Possibly even from their own personal devices. That provides even more opportunity to compromise network security and requires a well-planned approach to defense.

Office365 and Microsoft Teams Migration, Implementation and Support

By far the most popular business email and communications platform, the proper implementation of Office365 can enhance both the communications AND security of your business. But only if it’s done properly and monitored correctly. Our Office365 customers are relying on Teams more than ever to keep employees secure, avoiding phishing attempts and hacks.

Professional IT Services, Planning and Consultation

Verified Technologies has NEVER lost a customer. And we’ve done that by providing the highest level of personalize service, making the right recommendations for policies, hardware and systems, and following up with our Zero Downtime and Business Continuity strategies. And that service all starts here or with a phone call.

Mark D.
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We highly recommend the professional services we have received from Alan Dawson and his team.
Peter C.
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The dedication to resolving issues quickly, discreetly and professionally should set the bar for others in your field.
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You've always been fantastically responsive and we appreciate that!
James S.
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Verified has been flexible with every plan and responsive to all of our needs. We couldn't ask for a better IT partner.
Ron Z.
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Fast response time, always available, always feel like my call is welcome and not a burden.

Commitment to Community in Tampa Bay

Being a part of the Greater Tampa Bay community means a lot to the Team and Leadership here at Verified. We show appreciation by participating in 2 things close to our hearts:

Gearlink Racing Team

Alan Dawson, President, and CEO of Verified Technologies is a long-time sportsman and cyclist. Since 2003 he and the company have been sponsoring Tampa’s Gearlink Racing Team – focusing on introducing the sport to kids all over the bay area and sponsoring their competition in races all over the state. Want to RIDE WITH US? Learn more about that here.

YMCA Reindeer Run

We love the way the YMCA MASH program and annual run bolsters local community improvement. That’s why you’ll see us participating and sponsoring the event every year. Want to RUN WITH US? Learn more about that here.